Why was Sheringham Coastwatch set up?

Watch keeper using the telescope to observe passing vessels.

Sheringham Coastwatch was started in 1997, sometime after HM Coastguard stopped  using the Skelding Hill Lookout to maintain a visual watch.

In 1994 the Coastguard closed its last local station which was used to keep  visual watch.

Now on the east coast of England there is only one manned Coastguard Rescue Co-ordination Centre- Humber. The Centre does not keep a visual watch.

The Humber Centre is supported by teams of volunteer part-time Coastguard Rescue Officers, who work locally and are called out by pager or by mobile phone. Each team consists of between about 5 and 10 persons ready to be called out 24/7. Each team has a sector manager overseeing their district. But these local teams do not keep a visual watch over the coast.

Groups of men and women along our coast decided that keeping a visual lookout is important and could save lives.

This is why the Coastwatch movement was started and why Sheringham Coastwatch was formed. We provide HM Coastguard with additional ears and eyes.


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