What does Sheringham Coastwatch do?

Watch keeper updating the log of passing vessels

Much of the traffic that passes the Watch tower consists of  large commercial vessels but we also watch over the many crab boats and small fishing boats that work in our area. We also observe the dive boats, jet skiers, the wind surfers, board riders and swimmers.

The Coastwatch station is equipped with telephone, radar, a VHF radio, powerful telescope and binoculars all of which we use when keeping our watch.

Our role  is to:

 Keep a visual watch on the coastal areas around the lookout.

Keep a radar/AIS watch.

Monitor the international distress channels on VHF chs.16 and 70.

Watch over and assist divers operating in the vicinity.

Monitor local weather conditions and when requested give local weather reports. (Not weather forecasts)

To assist the general public and relevant authorities where possible.

Report any incidents or emergencies on the sea, beach, cliff and pathways to HM Coastguard and other emergency services as appropriate, which then take over responsibility for the incident and co-ordinate the rescue services.

Co-operate with HM Coastguard and other Search and Rescue organisations when requested.

We log all commercial shipping, pleasure craft and other vessels that we observe, recording key details, in the station Log Book.

We record:-

Time of the observation

The type of vessel, its name and/or number, the colour of its hull and superstructure, its true bearing and heading, and its speed and distance  from the Watch tower.

 Any other information that may aid identification.

All of these would be important if we had to report an incident involving the vessel to the HM Coast Guard.

The weather is recorded at regular intervals in the Log Book. Wind direction and force, sea state, visibility and cloud cover as well as the barometric pressure are recorded.

To find out more about us download our information leaflet.

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