The Sheringham Coastwatch Watch tower with threatening clouds approaching from the west.

Joining Sheringham Coastwatch

If you are over the age of 18, are able to give up a few hours of your time each week and would like to help to keep sailors, cliff and beach users safe, why not join us?

You will be thoroughly trained by one of our experienced members.

Once trained you will be able to take one of the watches (2-3 hours) and have the satisfaction of knowing you are helping to keep people safe.

Additionally you will have the pleasure of one of the very best views in North Norfolk!

If you would like to join us download an application form and further information about Coastwatch. This is a .pdf file.

Please support Sheringham Coastwatch

Sheringham Coastwatch is responsible for raising all of its  funds.

 You can imagine what a challenge this is.

Sitting on the edge of the cliffs our Watch tower is battered by wind, rain, snow and salt spray. It needs almost constant maintenance and repair.

The Watch tower has no mains electricity supply (to connect the Lookout would cost over £50,000) so we generate our own power using a small wind turbine, solar panel and small backup generator. But we have to buy bottled gas to run the small gas fire (much needed during the winter) and the gas ring which is used to boil water for hot drinks. Gas prices are increasing all the time.

We try to raise all our funds ourselves but we sometimes receive small donations from individuals.

But raising sufficient money to run the station and to finance the purchase new equipment (a new telescope costs about £2500) can be a struggle.

There is a collection box outside the Watch tower and we hold occasional collections at local supermarkets and at other local events.

If you feel that you are able to support Sheringham Coastwatch in any way you will be helping a very worthy cause.

     Please send any donations to:

Sheringham Coastwatch

c/o Sheringham Golf Club

Sweet Briar Lane



NR26 8HG

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