Welcome to Sheringham Coastwatch Website

Watch tower from the seaward side

Sheringham Coastwatch, on the North Norfolk coast, is one of a number of Coastal Surveillance Stations set up to keep a visual and radio watch around the coast of Great Britain. It is a member of THE SEA SAFETY GROUP UK which is an association set up to promote safety at sea.

Sheringham Coastwatch operates from the Old Coastguard Lookout (the Watch tower) on Skelding Hill, the highest point of Sheringham Golf Club.

All who live or visit  North Norfolk know the pleasures of our wonderful coastline, the scenery, bird life, good beaches and numerous havens for small boats. We also know only too well that the North Sea can change (sometimes very quickly) from a tranquil scene to fast flowing tides, high seas and strong winds. There can be a very real danger to the unwary on some of our beaches and cliffs or to the unfortunate sailor who has difficulties out at sea.

The over-riding aim of Sheringham Coastwatch is to help to ensure the safety of mariners and people who use the beaches and cliff walks in the Sheringham area.

Sheringham Coastwatch  aims to provide routine and emergency assistance during search and rescue incidents to HM Coastguard as and when requested.

 Our opening hours are:

Monday to Sunday (inclusive):-08.30hrs to 16.00hrs in winter. 08.30 to 18.00hrs from the start of BST.

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